Academic Catalog

Tuition and Fees

2022-23 Overview

Tuition and fee rates are approved by the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees and are subject to change at any time. 

Charges NH Resident Out-of-State
Tuition (full-time) $11,754 $22,110
Room (average) $9,078 $9,078
Board (Hootie's Choice Plus) $4,118 $4,118
Mandatory Fees $2,884 $2,884
Total $27,834 $38,190

Pre-licensure nursing students pay a $500 tuition differential in each of their four clinical semesters.

Full-time matriculated enrollment for undergraduate students is defined as a course load of 12 to 20 credits. Students enrolled in 21 or more credits will pay a per credit overload charge determined by their residency status.

Students will also spend an average of $900 for books and supplies and will need to budget for personal and travel expenses during the academic year.

Refunds & Cost Adjustments

  • Student Accounts evaluates and refunds credit balances on a regular basis.
  • Setting up an account for e refunding is encouraged.
  • Students should not plan to use their refund check to pay for rent for an off-campus residence. We cannot guarantee that a refund check will be ready by a student’s rent deadline.
  • If a paper check is issued it will be mailed to the preferred mailing address that is on file
  • If a student’s financial aid exceeds the balance due on the payment plan, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the payment plan servicer and reduce the plan amount if they choose.

Please Note:

  • Some financial aid programs may not be disbursed until well into the semester, especially for first-time KSC students; please plan accordingly.
  • Credit balances from federal financial aid (Title IV funds) cannot be held from one academic year to another.
  • Regardless of who remitted the payment to the student account, the refund will be made payable to the student (unless the student requests in writing that they would like the refund made payable to someone other than themselves), except for credit balances produced by a Federal Parent PLUS loan.

Cost Adjustments

Students who change their course load or withdraw from the College:

  • Before the first day of the semester will have their costs adjusted with the exception of non-refundable deposits.
  • After the first day of the semester will have their costs adjusted, with the exception of mandatory fees, based on the College’s Policy (below). There is no adjustment of Mandatory Fees after the semester begins.

Please Note:

  • Course load definition: 12–20 credits is full–time; 11 credits or fewer is part–time.
  • Cost adjustments may or may not result in a refund.
  • Financial aid recipients, including Federal Direct Student and/or Parent PLUS loans, are subject to federally mandated guidelines that must be applied before any money is returned.

A student who withdraws from the College or changes her or his course load will have their Tuition, Room, and Board (meal plan) costs adjusted as follows:

Fall/Spring Semester

  • 75% within 7 calendar days of the first day of the semester.
  • 50% within 8–30 calendar days after the first day of the semester.
  • No adjustment beyond 30 days after the beginning of the semester.

Summer Semester

  • 75% within 3 calendar days of the first class.
  • 50% within 4–14 calendar days of the first class.
  • No adjustment beyond 14 days after the beginning of the semester.


  • Students who are studying away under the auspices of KSC’s Global Education Office’s off-campus programs should refer to the acceptance letter or program materials for specific withdrawal and cost adjustment policies regarding their program.
  • Students who are suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons forfeit their right to any cost adjustments.

Miscellaneous Fees

Each student is responsible for timely payment of all outstanding charges on his or her account. Failure to remit payment in full by the published deadline may result in late payment fees, account holds, and deregistration from classes. Payment of the bill is solely the responsibility of the student regardless of who remits the actual funds.

Fees Rate
Residence Hall Damage Deposit $100
Enrollment Services Fee $325
Late Payment Fee $50 to $150
Orientation Fee $100
Late Add Fee $0
Applied Music Fees (1 credit) $160
Applied Music Fees (2-3 credits) $280
Parking Fees $40 to $300
Parking Tickets $25 to $300
Application Fee $50
Teacher Education Program Fee $130
Student ID Replacement $25
Returned Check Service Charge $20
Transcript Charge $9.00 paper, $6.25 online
Credits by Portfolio Assessment $50 per credit
Fresh Start Application Fee $200
Electronic Materials Fee Varies depending on course

You may or may not incur the following fees, depending on choices you make, including living on campus, eating in the dining hall, parking on campus, and other options:

Application Fees. Charged to all students who are seeking admission to the college and/or special programs offered on-campus, such as the Graduate Program or the Teacher Education Certification Program.

Enrollment Services Fee. A one-time fee charged to first-time, readmitted, graduate, and certificate students. This fee covers administrative and technical costs for new students. No student can be enrolled until the fee is paid.

Orientation Fee. A one-time fee charged to all new students. This fee covers the administrative and technical costs for the mandatory orientation program. It also covers up to two parents’/guardians’ attendance at the orientation program.

Residence Hall Damage Deposit. Charged to all students living in on-campus housing to cover the cost of damage that may result. The unused portion of the deposit will be refunded only after the student moves out of the residence halls.

Late Payment Fee. Charged to students each semester based on the outstanding balance due after the payment deadline.

Applied Music Fee. Charged to students enrolled in specific classes that offer one-on-one instruction. This fee is in addition to any tuition paid for credit hours.

Parking Fees. Charged to students who register a car and receive a permit to park in an on-campus lot.

Returned Check Service Charge. Charged to all persons who issue a check that, for any reason, is returned from the bank unpaid.

Transcript Charge/Electronic Transcript Charge. Charged to students requesting copies of their official transcript.