Academic Catalog

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program (PBTCP) is specifically designed to address the needs of two distinct populations:

  • Experienced educators who want to become certified in another discipline; these individuals will have completed a baccalaureate degree and typically possess current teacher certification.
  • Individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree and whose life experiences have led them to seek initial teacher certification; this group may range from the novice student who has no background or experience in education to individuals who have a wealth of experience and/or are employed as teacher aides, tutors, paraprofessionals, or special education classroom teachers.

This program closely follows the undergraduate Educator Preparation model. It is composed almost exclusively of undergraduate courses. Through this program, students are able to meet New Hampshire competencies for certification in one or more of the following areas:

  • Elementary Education (grades K-8)
  • English (grades 5-12)
  • Music Education (grades K-12)
  • Physical Education (grades K-12)
  • Mathematics (grades 7-12)
  • Social Studies (grades 5-12)

Selection of a Content Area is required for admission. Prior to admission, it is strongly recommended that applicants have at least 100 hours of contact with children in a public school setting. This track requires an initial review of all post-secondary coursework. The Office of Educator Preparation and Graduate Studies coordinates the examination of official transcripts, relevant standardized test results and other application materials to develop an individualized educational plan that will address the KSC Educator Preparation Themes while meeting New Hampshire state standards for Teacher Certification. The educational plan will typically address certification competencies not met by the student's baccalaureate degree. Required courses will guide students toward the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to demonstrate competence in their selected area of certification and as a professional educator.

Extra academic preparation may be required for applicants whose baccalaureate degree is not closely related to the area of certification they are seeking. Prior to engagement in the Student Teaching experience, it is strongly recommended that a student have at least 500 hours of contact with children of various ages in different public school environments.

Admission Criteria

Candidates for admission to the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program must submit an Application for Graduate Study in Education, including required materials, to the Graduate Studies Office.

For additional information, refer to the Graduate Application.

Preference will be given to candidates who submit passing scores for the Praxis II content tests (typically: content knowledge and essay) as specified by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Praxis II tests are currently required for the following secondary certification areas:

  • Biology (7 to 12)
  • Chemistry (7 to 12)
  • Earth/Space Science (7 to 12)
  • English (5 to 12)
  • French (K to 12)
  • General Science (5 to 9)
  • Middle/Junior High Math (5 to 8)
  • Physics (7 to 12)
  • Secondary Math (7 to 12)
  • Spanish (K to 12)
  • Social Studies (5 to 12)