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Assessment of Non-College Learning

Students whose independently acquired knowledge and/or skills are equivalent to those normally gained in an undergraduate college program may attempt to earn college credits through assessment of non-college learning. There are two options available:

  • Non-KSC credits applied toward degree requirements and not earned directly from a recognized accredited institution of higher learning
  • Credits by Portfolio Assessment.

The following criteria must be met:

  • The student is admitted to Keene State College
  • Credits do not duplicate credits from other sources which have been applied toward Keene State College degree requirements.
  • Non-KSC credits applied toward degree requirements and not earned directly from an recognized accredited institution of higher learning cannot exceed a total of 30 undergraduate credits.

Credits may be applied toward Integrative Studies Program requirements, elective credits, or may replace major requirements if approved by the department of the major discipline through the course substitution process. Some exams have been pre-evaluated and will transfer in as the pre-determined equivalency.

Non-College Learning Options

Credit by Exam

Academic disciplines may offer opportunities for students to demonstrate competence through approved standardized examinations or faculty-designed assessment instruments. Such examinations must be approved by the faculty of the discipline and the dean. Disciplines that offer such examinations will provide students with a written policy regarding the administration of the assessment instruments, the standards of expected performance, the procedure for evaluation, and the process for awarding credit.

Please visit the following links for additional information on Non-College Learning options:

For more information on the Transfer Credit Policy, please visit: Transfer of Credit

Credits by Portfolio Assessment

It is possible to seek credit for learning derived from prior work and life experience through documentation of acquired knowledge and/or skills.

The decision to award credits is made by the Department Chair associated with the credits being sought. The Department Chair reviews the completed portfolio and recommends to the Registrar the number of credits to be awarded in the assessed areas, through submission of the Portfolio of Life/Work Experience. A $50 per credit fee is charged per credit awarded. Further information on opportunities for assessment of non-college learning may be obtained in the Elliot Center.

(Updated KSG 2023)