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Students' Responsibility

Students are responsible for being aware of and abiding by all College academic policies outlined in this catalog and in the Student Handbook. These include such things as Attendance Policy, Athletic Eligibility, Auditing, Schedule Adjustment/Withdrawal Policy, Course Retake Policy, Contract Course Work, Declaration of Major Policy, Grading System, Academic Standing, Academic Probation and Suspension, and Graduation Requirements. The College communicates with students through MyKSC. All students are responsible for checking MyKSC for essential College communication.

Students must meet certain academic requirements before the College grants a degree. These requirements govern curricula and courses, majors and minors, and campus residence. Advisors, directors, and the dean will help a student meet these requirements, but the student is responsible for fulfilling them. At the end of the student’s course of study, the faculty and the Board of Trustees vote on conferring the degree. A student may graduate only upon fulfillment of all requirements for a degree.

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Students' Responsibility
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