Academic Catalog


INSTEM-142  Discovering STEM  (4 Credits)  

Introduction to the history and concepts of STEM education using a transdisciplinary, hands-on, problem-based learning approach. As a community of learners students will explore how, in educational settings, disciplinary knowledge and practices from each of the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) can be applied to complex real-world problems.

Offered: All, Every Year  
STEM-342  STEM Explorations I  (4 Credits)  

Investigation and elaboration of the complex relationships between the STEM fields, as well as the fundamental principles of STEM education. Students will develop, analyze, and evaluate age-appropriate transdisciplinary STEM lessons for use in educational settings that develop knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Prerequisite(s): INSTEM-142 and MATH-120 or pass math competency exam  
Offered: Spring, Every Year  
STEM-400  Informal STEM Internship  (4-8 Credits)  

Explores STEM related career interests by applying knowledge to practical experiences. Internship sponsor sites may include museums of science, farm-based education sites, nature conservancy operations, and organizations that provide community-based science and technology education. Regular attendance at field site and at on-campus seminars is required. Enrollment capped at 4 students.

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor  
Offered: All, Every Year  
STEM-442  STEM Explorations II  (4 Credits)  

Students build upon knowledge of the principles of STEM education established in STEM 342. Working in collaborative grade-level teams, students will develop age-appropriate STEM curriculum materials that build knowledge and skills in each of the STEM fields while engaging students in transdisciplinary problem-solving.

Prerequisite(s): STEM-342  
Offered: Fall, Every Year